Idhar Udhar Season – 2 [Sat]

Thrown together in the same flat by an estate agency goof-up, the two long lost friends Sunnu and Punnu end up sharing the same apartment exactly the way they used to 13 years ago, with a slight twist. Both of them have two little kids in tow, a couple of bratty boys for Sunnu & two mischievous daughters for Punnu. Sunnu that is Sunita is a London return woman working with an airlines company. She is generally good intentioned but very lethargic when it comes to working around the house. Poonam, called as Punnu, is a hardworking art teacher. The story revolves around these two women and their kids: Atul, Akhil, Shivani and Himani. It is the story of all the problems and the joys they experience living in the same house.

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