Women Don’t Like Jokes || Standup Comedy || Kritarth Srinivasan


    Kritarth finds it really hard to believe when women say they like funny men. Watch him share his story of jokes and their reactions with the women. #WomensDay

    Kritarth Srinivasan AKA ComicCurry
    Comedian | Writer | Mostly Distracted

    An avid traveler and one among only five comics in Bangalore to have put out his one-hour special. Kritarth is a master at cleverly disguising the complexity of any topic and making it sound hilarious, he takes pride in being an engineering drop-out who later went on to becoming an arts graduate. A confused soul, Brahmin, and a defense brat, Kritarth’s comedy is a combination of all these factors which he brings to life in a rib-tickling fashion on stage.

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