Aandhi – Aishwarya Majmudar | R.D. Burman


So the other day, someone mentioned Pancham Da.
R.D. Burman to me, is probably what the Sun is to Summer. ☀️ His music and passion has literally driven me to want to sing louder and breathe the soothing notes of Music.
And when his name comes up, an orchestra starts to play in my mind.
The backgrounds fill up with distant sounds of ‘Musafir Hoon Yaaron’ and a fog of fairy dust settles over.
That’s when AANDHI comes up.
Iss Mod Se is one of my favorites, and this right here is my rendition. Pancham Da and Gulzar Sa’ab can even bring ruins to life!
So here it is. An old little fort in ruins, brightening up with the melody that Pancham Da is.
Audio and video credits –

Singer – Aishwarya Majmudar
Music produced and re-created – Rishi Dutta

Big Thanks to Binoti and Amam Shah for sharing their wonderful Location
The Sadra Fort.

Recorded at
Studio Even Harmony

Production House: F&C Visual World
Director: Dwij Trivedi
DOP: Kirtan Patel
Executive Producer: Kishan Patel
Makeup: Sukhpreet Kaur
Production Head: Nihar Patel
Production Controller: Smit Patel
Assistant Director: Krunal Pandya
Special Thanks: Dhruwal Patel



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