Bareilly ka Vasco-da-Gama – Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy


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No actual relatives were hurt in the making of this video. This video is purely the work of a professional comedian. Do not try these jokes on your wife or her relatives or your own relatives…Meri koi zimmedaari nahin hogi.

Video Directed by: Karan Asnani
Sound mixing and mastering: Raghvendra Bhattacharya
Location courtesy: Canvas Laugh Club Mumbai
Camera: Kedar Avasarikar, Satish Ghodke & Karan Asnani
Post-Production: Myoho Films

Written and performed by: Sundeep Sharma
Special Thanks to my wife: Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal who has once again sportingly allowed me to make jokes on her.

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