Pankhida – Aishwarya Majmudar


Long long ago, we worshipped our mother goddesses, Maa Amba, Maa Durga, Maa Kaali and many more such deities in their various avatars as a fighter, as a mother as a protector.
But if our beloved Goddesses were to command incarnation in the 21st century, am pretty sure she’d be a lot like us!
With her Trishul and Lotus, riding her ferocious tiger , she would come to life with Style, and mesmerize each of us alike!
Here’s and ode to the beauty of that Shakti, that lives like a glow in each woman and girl. Celebrating Navratri, celebrating Power, and most of all celebrating the Jazziest Spirit of Maa Amba!
Jay Mataji!

Directed By: Anish Shah
Special Thanks : Sherish Shaikh & Ravi Chellaramani. Thank you for being the wind beneath its wings.

Music Team :
Original Composition: Vishvesh Parmar
Music Produced and re-created by Rahul Munjariya
Studio Even Harmony
Engineer: Pranav Yagnik
Mix and Master: Shane Macwan

Video Team:
Production House: November Films
Director of Photography: Sreekumar Nair
Direction Team: Prarthana Shah & Utsav Jani
Motion Graphics & VFX: Saumil Patel
Line Producer: Dhaval Pandya & Team
Art: Anish Shah, Prarthana Shah & Utsav Jani
Make Up & Hair: Anant Pathak
Editor : Ravi Chellaramani (One Digital Entertaintment)
Choreographer: Hardeek Rawal
Assistant Choreographer: Sam Padmashali
Location: Happy Studio

Thank you for watching!

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