How to watch videos

Here is a video guide to how to watch videos on this website. As many of users get confused.




1. Firstly, you need to disable AD BLOCKER in your browsers (if you are using one) for following domains; You need to whitelist following domains on your AD BLOCKER.

2. Secondly, most of the players opens a pop up Ads, simply close those pop up windows and continue with the player page. Alternatively, there might be some video ads also which you might have to watch for few seconds (some kind of youtube videos) before you skip those videos. You should click on play, then first the youtube video ads plays, after that wait until “skip” link becomes active (generally within 5 secs to 15 secs), click the skip link then your video will start.

3. Some of the players take time to load the video depending upon your internet speed, their server load. It ranges from 15 secs to even 60 secs. You need to click play button and wait for a while.

4. In some cases sometimes Antivirus blocks the video players. In such case you need to pause your antivirus protection for few minutes until the player loads.

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